Increase the Value of Your Home with a Gas Fireplace Installation

Although gas fireplace has been around for quite some time, they have become more popular because they have become more cost-effective and energy-efficient. Gas fireplaces are convenient because they do not involve the burning of wood or fuel materials hence the owner does not have to worry about soot and ashes. They feature sealed combustion that minimizes the threat of gases spilling into your room.

Typically, a gas fireplace runs on either propane or natural gas and comes with attractive features including gas logs that appear like real wood. You can select from birch, pine, oak, fruitwood, etc. Gas logs are constructed from ceramic and they not only produce a great fire but also a real fire. They provide the ultimate source of heat and light during a power failure.

For those individuals who have decided on purchasing a gas fireplace for their home environment, there are some that you need to consider during installation. The first thing you need to look at is the positioning of the ceiling joists and framing in the relation to the fireplace location. Since gas fireplaces need zero clearance on the side and the back, they are ideal for closely confined spaces.

Fireplaces are a natural focal point of your room and they should be taken into consideration before you install them. It is important to hire a professional qualified technician as he will be able to mount the necessary vent piping for proper usage and safety.

Another appealingly pleasing feature of a gas fireplace is that it has glass doors. These doors improve its natural beauty and allow family and friends to safely enjoy the view by minimizing the chance of burns. Moreover, a fireplace door can heat up to 200ยบ F in about six minutes.

For older fireplaces, it is important to be careful during installation whenever you are drilling brick as it becomes brittle over years. Trained technicians have the know-how and experience to install properly to all types of surfaces.